Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lego Building Competition and Bement Fest

Troy watches YouTube Kids often on the iPad and one of the things he's come across are Lego competitions. He asks if we can go to one someday. We say sure. Then one night we google Lego competitions and turns out a small town near us is having one in connecting with their summer-y fest one Saturday. #boom

There were two parts to the Lego competition. You could do one or both. You could build something at home and bring it in that didn't have a "footprint" on the table larger than 12 inches by 12 inches and/or you could participate in the on-the-spot contest. There was a giant bucket, you (child) dig your hand into said bucket and pull out as much as you can and have five minutes to build something. Troy chose to do both.

Here he is showing off his card he had to put together to be entered. Name of project - The City.

He worked on it a LOT. It had to be original (no sets here) which was totally fine because that's how Troy prefers to play with Legos.

Hmm, let me add things to my list that I do not enjoy. Transporting a week-long built creation 30 miles in the car with a concerned five year old asking every 60 seconds or so if it had fallen apart yet. Here he is checking on it at some point.

We made it! Look at the green plate behind his hand. My favorite parts of "The City" were the police station, complete with computers inside when you lifted the roof and the boat dock. The crane was pretty great too :) My most favorite part was the creator of it though!

We had awhile before the Lego contest so we took in the rest of the festival. Bounce houses. Always a blast.

Even when the heat index is approaching 100.

I have such a blast with these two. Thankful for my little summer loves!

As all good summer festivals have, there were goats and more. Troy the goat whisperer was particularly stingy with his $0.25 container of goat feed and they all wanted what he had.

By this point we were really starting to melt so something cold was in order. Shaved ice!

At last it was competition time. The kids were broken into three age groups - 4-6, 7-10 and 11-14. This was the "stick your hand in the bucket" challenge".

Cass amused herself nearby and insisted I take a picture of her tall building. This may be the first time ever Cass has been free to build something without her brother overseeing advising watching.

My master builder :)

Then. We waited. And waited. For the judging. No joke I think judging took at least 45 minutes. Wowzers. Cass decided to remind me it was naptime.

But sticking around for judging was so worth it when this guy's name was called as fourth place winner! He was SO jazzed! I couldn't be prouder!

He got right to work building his angry birds Lego set when we got home. You know, after I showered them down from the 100 degree heat/icees/bounce houses/jumping goats.

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