Friday, June 17, 2016

Lunch at Candlewood

Our church is involved in a summer lunch outreach with several other Mahomet area churches. We as a church signed up to serve lunch for a week to an expected 60+ kids in a particular neighborhood. Somewhat reminiscent of our Restoration days, the kids and I joined up with a couple friends to cover a day. We planned a pizza party and were super jazzed when a local pizza place agreed to donate all the pizzas for us. Amazing!

Troy below, in serving gloves. They may be a *tad* big, yes?

My friend Alyssa is back in town after a few years out of state. Story time - it was serving at Restoration that first drew her to the women's small group I led back in the day (right after getting married). She reached out and said she was particularly interested in a group that incorporated serving into their activities. And thus began the awesome friendship ever since! I had Troy take a picture of us, now able to serve together again (this time with a few extra ppl in tow), and this blur was what we got. Still a fun memory to commemorate with a pic :)

Troy ended up assuming the role of water guy, which he handled quite well. Including supervising his younger sister and her efforts to make a huge mess for us help.

It was a smooth and very practical way for us to serve as a family and I'd definitely do it again. Thankful to be part of a church that has its eyes opened to look around for ways to serve and inviting us into that!

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