Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mother Son Date - Sholem

We tried this one night last summer and it was a fun memory so I thought I'd do it again. With my "less than 42 inches tall" child home with Daddy, my "taller than 42 inches tall" child and I went to the pool together to meet up with some friends. As Troy said, "we're gonna ride ALL the slides!"

It was beautifully empty there. We had no problem finding our friends Sarah and Benjamin when they arrived, and every time we did a slide we never had to wait more than a minute or so. After I was worn out from all the "racing" on the two slides next to each other, we all just hung out in the pool at the bottom and watched Troy climb all.those.stairs over and over and over.

Realizing he was deliberately slowing himself down one time, I gave him some pointers on speeding up his trips down the slide. His reply? "That was awesome!"

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