Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pool Trip with Friends

We picked a popular day to visit the pool as some of our friends were there too! Cass was all about finding Gracie and playing at the water table with her.

While Troy was digging the pool with the basketball hoop and our friends Alex and Ben were. This is me. Supervising between the water table and *trusting* he was doing ok over in the bigger pool. Of course he was (it wasn't deep) and he was respecting the rules I set forth. Eeek!

#BoyTime. Troy. Ben. Jack. Alex. Making a dam.

Troy and neighbor Jack. These two are going to be kindergarten bus buddies next year!

Time spent at the diving well again...

And lots of time on the "littler green slide" for Cass. There's also a bigger green slide but she was very clear she would not be trying that.

The climb that ended our nearly four hour trip. This ended in a mega belly flop to the pool Mega ouch. Poor Troy's belly was all red. And now he knows the importance of a good fall!

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