Friday, June 3, 2016

Rock Climbing Time

Troy has been asking to rock climb every time we go to the Y so I stopped in to sign him up for a climb. While I was signing him up, Cassidy insisted "I climb too!" and since she's old enough now, I got her a slot too. We walked in and she adamantly refused to put a harness on though... so we began to entice her with fun things like practicing "swinging" from the rope to start. (Troy enjoyed being the demo man.)

But then he was off. Enough demo time!

She still refused so we just let her climb as high as the instructor would let her unharnessed. She was a natural at climbing though!

I got in on the action too and she watched me scale the wall a few times. Want a good workout? Race a five year old to the top of a 30 foot wall a couple times. Schwoo!

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