Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bye Puerto Vallarta - Day 5

The last day of vacation always kind of stinks. You switch out of vacation mode at a point and into "I just want to be home mode." Fortunately for us, we had a few hours left of vacation mode before our switch was turned.

Beautiful sunrise to treat us our last morning. View from the room.

Beachside wanderings with my love. We felt we needed a hashtag. You know, that we hadn't ACTUALLY used the whole trip. We are that cool.

I popped up at the pool for some reading and podcasting before we got on the road. The practical side of me didn't want to get my suit all went again. Boo, practicality...

This is us. Waiting for our shuttle to go to the airport.

Fast forward through the headache that is leaving a foreign country with some added hiccups in. Argh. Finally, we were up. Get me back to my babies! Bye, Mexico!

Fast forward 11 freaking hours later. Customs, immigration, bags, security all on our layover while we re-entered our country. Just to rush to our plane to sit on it for 2.5 hours (separated from my hubby on this one I may add.) To take off and circle over Iowa for 1 hour. To be re-routed over Minnesota (what?!) and plunged through a storm over Chicago, just to (yep you guessed it) sit on a plane for nearly another hour because we couldn't even cross the runway to get to our gate it was so backed up. Oh yea, and baggage claim. Never.checking.bags.again. There, its in writing Mike. Done. So done. I had to do everything in my power not to crawl into one of my kids beds with them when we finally got back to my parents' at 2:30am (it was supposed to be 8:30pm) and curl up with them. I was so, so glad to be back under the same roof as them!

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