Friday, July 1, 2016

Cassidy's First Frog

The plan - get up, get in the car, go to the bounce house-palooza our radio station WBGL was running nearby.

What actually happened - get up, go outside, bump into neighbors, chat with neighbors, Cass comes running towards us with a frog. Anddddd, plans changed :) She was SO PROUD to turn a frog over to her brother, the frog lover :) And he very wisely let her have many turns holding it and didn't just take possession of it  :)

Troy disappeared at one point (allll the neighbor kids were outside so I didn't think he'd gone far. but he was missing nonetheless). He'd ended up in one of the family's yards letting the frog swim in their pool (with THEIR permission thankfully, just not mine!)

Just a video of a couple country livin' kids playing around. 

They were having marshmallows and thought it was hilarious to feed one "to" the frog. The frog who was named "Sour Apple" by Cassidy by the way. (Yep. 9am. My kids were munching on marshmallows. Yea.)

He had quite the resort before long. And this guy was lucky enough to get "showers" from the watering can.

And "rides" on Troy's foot too.

End of the morning we released him in our neighbor's yard and wished him well. 'Til next time, Sour Apple!

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