Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chicago Day Trip - Lincoln Park Zoo

With Mike eager to check out the B. Groomed Expo, and a successful day trip experience last month, we decided to all make a day trip to Chicago! The kids and I headed to the zoo after dropping him off to meet up with Gramma, Grampa and Uncle Andy and Auntie Daria too!

Watching ducks below. Cass asks, "Where their heads go!?" when the pop under water.

The reptile house - Troy's fav house of the zoo.

The climbing structure in the children's zoo was amazing! I loved that you could see the kids the whole time... and the kids loved climbing, climbing, climbing!

We took a short walk to Ranalli's for lunch. Troy gladly held Gramma's hand when we walked :)

Fun fact - Ranalli's is where my parents had their very first date over thirty years ago. My kids loved dining on dino nuggets outside in the heart of the city.

Then back to the zoo on the quest for "big animals" as Grampa said.

Cass is so her brother's sister. We were at this monkey exhibit and no signs were nearby telling us what he was. She wouldn't let up in asking what KIND of monkey he is. :) 

Somewhere between the monkeys and the hippos Mike met up with us...

It was a beautiful day in the city! Until we got stuck in an hour of traffic to go about three miles. But. You know. #Chicago :) Still a wonderful day!

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