Friday, July 8, 2016

Compassion in a Nutshell

The reason (ok, just one reason) I was proud of my son today. Because there are lots of reasons I'm proud of him today.

We're leaving the Y and heading to do some shopping. He asks where we're going (grocery store) and asks if we can buy a homeless person lunch if we see him. Out.of.nowhere.

This makes me proud. We don't always talk about the homeless we pass, but I know we probably do pass them nearly every time we're on North Prospect. Troy sees. I'm proud of him for seeing and for remembering. I pray he always sees. I pray he sees those in need around him. I pray he sees kids on the playground who need someone to say hi to them. I pray he sees and is never blind to what's going on around him.

We didn't see anyone we could bless with a lunch today while we were driving to the store but you bet I would have jumped at the chance to buy them lunch, thanks to the leading of my sweet boy and the Holy Spirit speaking to him, if we had. Love you, Troy. Couldn't be prouder.

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