Saturday, July 2, 2016

Congrats, Lizzie and Rick!

The only wedding I think we have on our calendar this year, we celebrated the marriage of Lizzie and Rick in the Chicago suburbs. Growing up, my parents were really good friends with two other couples and the six kids from the three families spent a LOT of time together. Lizzie was one of those kids :)

Look at us! Out! Dressed up! Without children!

My parents, brother and sis in law were all there too :)

After the ceremony, we all found a fun lounge-y area to enjoy our cocktails for a few minutes.

Then the wine began flowing. Below, Mike and Eric (another one of the six kids) who were in a competition to see which one was going to leave their jacket on the longest. Mike ended up winning. After he made sure Eric had a nice hot cup of coffee poured around dessert time. LOL.

This wedding was such a blast. We spent a lot of time laughing and stayed out way late (for us). And realized we need to tuck our phones (particularly the Facebook app) away when the wine is flowing. Cheers to Lizzie and Rick!

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