Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eggs - Maybe Someday?

You ever have one of those parenting "a ha" moments when an opportunity presents itself and you think... MAYBE this will work?

It would be awesome if Troy would come back around to eating eggs. The other three of us eat a lot of eggs - and if he would hop on board it would give us another option for breakfast, lunch or dinner...

Here was how I recounted this story to Mike:

Troy asked to hold an egg. Troy asked to crack an egg.
I gave him his own bowl. Let him crack it. Told him to scramble it
Put a pan on the stove and taught Him to turn on the stove (ONLY WITH MOM) let him pick a spatula and dump the egg in.
Thinking MAYBE he would eat it
But alas he saw right through me at that point
and said (once it was all plated) "Now I am NOT eating it!"
I told him I'd let him repeat the whole thing again if he ate it but no. It was worth a shot lol.

Egg eating aside, at least he's got a new life skill now. Below, his masterpiece.

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