Friday, July 8, 2016

End of a Season - Moving on from Work at the Vineyard

I first began working at The Vineyard Church in early 2010. I was initially hired to be a full time "content manager" writing training materials, editing copy, etc. My job quickly evolved and in the subsequent 6.5 years, took me through a whole hodge podge of different responsibilities, including the opportunity to continue working while working part time - part at church, part at home. On-site daycare was particularly invaluable, not without its challenges but certainly full of blessings - all added up to a wonderful season with lots of great people.

Earlier this year, I was made aware of another part-time opportunity at Mike's company in their art department and decided that was where God was leading me next. I'm very fortunate, transitioning into and out of part time roles, that I was able to be flexible with both employers, giving ample notice and starting the new gig almost immediately. And here I am now with "official" office days done at the Vineyard. My co-workers, current and some past, treated me to an incredible dollar sushi lunch at KO Fusion. I look forward very much to what's ahead and look back with fondness on all the experiences and opportunities I've had at the Vineyard!

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