Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fisher Fair Parade - AKA the "raining candy" adventure

We found out from our friends Benjamin and Sarah that the small town to the north of us was having a parade to kick off their fair week. Because we're always up for a good parade, we headed up there to hang with them!

(below, photo cred to Sarah)

Started out innocently like any other small town parade we've been to. Light sprinkles of candy and kids dashing out to scoop it up.

They promptly began to trade...

There was no shortage of clowns, baby pigs on a float, and bands...

And ohhhhh the tractors...

The candy. Oh my goodness the candy. This guy went straight for a pixie stick. Oy.

The wiener mobile had Cassidy confused lol.

I love this pic :)

The realization he's loaded!

Afterwards we ducked into the ice cream social. I hadn't seen the ice cream cups with wooden "spoon sticks" in ages.

Troy had (another) piece of candy since he had to pass on the ice cream.

Checking out the loot the next day! And this isn't even all of it... we had sorted through some already and pitched it. YIKES!

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