Friday, July 8, 2016

Fourth of July Fireworks - Lake of the Woods

A post mostly comprised of pictures. Because y'all know what to expect from a "here we are watching fireworks" type of post.

Ok so maybe every sibling pair doesn't spend their time waiting hurdling each other. Our kids do.

They look like they're hugging. They were more like wrestling WWE style.

She's such a cheeser :)

Cass was terrified of fireworks when the little ones first started being pinged off around the neighborhood last week. Fortunately, the big ones being shot off by movie night earlier in the weekend helped break her in a little. Still, I was skeptical she would enjoy them. But alas, she very much did!

A sweet moment. I will forever cherish my little snuggler who cuddled up on my lap to watch these. And thankfully (mostly) left her brother alone in the other big chair :)

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