Friday, July 8, 2016

Fourth of July - Seymour Parade

We'd heard about the Seymour parade from local friends and decided to kick off our Fourth festivities with a trip just down the road to check it out. Caravan time with neighbors made it even better!

Troy politely clapping for the American Legion walking by. They shot their guns in the air down the road from us and Troy grew concerned and asked if that was okay. We don't watch the news or anything but clearly guns firing in the air is a little jarring.

Cassidy turned around and showed me every.piece.of.candy she picked up during the parade. And she picked up a lot!

She insisted on bringing her baby's diaper bag. It actually was a great size for her though I think it would have overflowed if it had gone much longer!

My neighbor said after the fact this was a "tractor heavy" parade. #Truth But I'm not sure what else I would have expected in a small, rural, Central IL town. Or as my Grandma calls it, "Mayberrry!"

This is what happened when we asked them to take a picture together. They were all so locked in on their candy. Cass. Troy. Next door neighbor Josh.

There was a lot of freaking candy. So we sorted it when we got home. Sugar, sugar!

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