Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gramma and Grampa Vacation - Day 4

The kids had a fun waterpark trip with Gramma and one of her friends (and her grandchildren) this day. Fun fact - this was the waterpark we went to growing up, and these waterslides are the same ones my brother and I first rode down. You know, back in the day when they let parents slide down slides holding their kids in their laps. I digress.

Of course Troy loved 'em.

While he's tried the diving board this summer, I guess it surprised me a little to see a pic of him perched on the diving rock (and the higher of the two, of course) in the deep well. But he did it. And swam to the side like a champ. Nice work, Troy!

A picnic with the crew. Just realized Troy was the lone dude that day.

Later that night, a special shipment arrived to Gramma and Grampa's full of new mini figs. He. was. thrilled. Betcha can't tell!?!

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