Friday, July 1, 2016

Mama Got Ink!

Mike connected with Ink 180 a little over a year ago now and he immediately began singing Chris' praises. After I had the chance to meet him when Mike got his most recent tattoo, I knew he'd be the guy to ink me up if/when I decided to do it. Enter, summer of 2016!

Throughout the last year or so I'd been thinking I wanted SOMETHING but wasn't sure what. And eventually just started having dreams with a simple cross on the inside of my wrist and I thought, well, that's what I'll get.

Based on our travel plans for the weekend, it made the most sense to just take the kids with us. Ink 180 is a ministry surrounding tattoos and so I wasn't worried about the kids being exposed to some of the typical things one might encounter in your average tattoo parlor.

Troy was locked in on Mr. Chris doing his thing and drawing my cross.

And just like that, it was done! Less than 10 minutes. And while a "little" more painful than what I had anticipated, it was totally doable. Yay for ink!

This guy is truly incredible. When I start to think about the impact he has on the lives of people coming out of some really dark and difficult situations, it's truly overwhelming. We were all blessed to get to spend some time with him! Thanks, Mr. Chris!

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