Friday, July 8, 2016

Mini Road Trip - Aikman Wildlife Adventure

After too much sugar another failed naptime, and some moments where I was missing my hubby something fierce on this holiday weekend, I spontaneously decided the kids and I needed to get out of the house and go do something. We ended up tripping down to Amish country where we checked out Central Illinois' finest new attraction, Aikman Wildlife Adventure.  First up, the drive through adventure! And um, definitely a camel in the middle of road right from the get go.

Just me and a zebra, no big deal.

There was a BIG rule at the front sign that said to roll up and lock your windows and doors. Pretty sure this ostrich is the only one that would have caused a problem for us had our window been done. Because, well yea.

It was really funny to hear them narrate throughout the trip. Maybe the emus would have been a problem had the windows been down too. Cass didn't like the emus. Clearly. 

Much less adventurous after our drive through was the walk through. This place is located in what formerly was Rockome Gardens, a place we've paid a couple visits to in the past. 

When we walked up to the camel ride section I just knew we had to do it. Troy lit up at the idea. And.... there he goes. 5 bucks well spent IMO. #AmishEntertainment

Their petting area was impressive and had a number of animals ASIDE from the typical goats you'd find.

Mike's caption when I sent this - Did Cass just "boop" a cow? Or give him the finger?

More spontaneity and just being highly unmotivated to cook anything (including the eggplant I planned to eat) found us at my fav Mexican restaurant when we got back to town. Dining out with these two keeps getting easier... especially when bottomless chips are involved!

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