Monday, July 25, 2016

Puerto Vallarta Vacation - Day 1

Day 1 - with the kiddos snoozing away at Gramma and Grampa's house, we had an early morning wakeup call (2:30) to get ready to head over to nearby O'Hare. My awesome Dad got up (on the weekend people!) to drive us to the airport which was amazing. When we got there, everything was smooth upon check-in, so we waited for the Admirals Club to open at 4am (traveling with my man has its perks).

This is us, at 4am. My face can best be summed up in "EEEEEEEEEE!"

This is his "OMG you're already taking too many pictures" face.

We had seats in First Class so breakfast was served! Hello quiche.

On our layover in DFW, we spent more time relaxing in the Admirals Club and waiting for our flight. About an hour before boarding we decided to go walk DFW and get in some steps. At the very end of the walk, Mike said, ok let's just head down these stairs and walk back up. And then left me to walk down them alone. This is my face when I realize I was fooled.

Flight #2. You know you're flying with a seasoned traveler when take-off knocks him out. Like mouth open snoring and everything.

Lunch time! Asian chicken salad in first class round 2.

Fast forward to landing, two hours of navigating immigration, customs, the hot mess Mexico airport and the hotel check in where they upgraded us to a suite that didn't have a locking door by the way but we got that fixed and we FINALLY got to START vacation! WOOOT!

I knew from the hotel description that I was most excited for the adult only rooftop, ocean-view pool with attached bar and sushi lounge. So that's where we headed first! And GAH! It was incredible! Just like I dreamed it would be! Daiquiri count - 1. (This is where I stop counting BTW.)

We walked down to the beach later. The waves were INCREDIBLE all week!

And we had our first beach-watching session. There were SO many moments (ok hours) spent just watching the waves, the parasail-ers taking off next to us and people watching. It was amazing.

Fun treats waiting in our room when we returned from the beach. #Perks #HiltonLove

The only dinner reservation we could get our first night was at 9pm so we had some time to kill. Enter wine overlooking the ocean at sunset.

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