Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Puerto Vallarta Vacation - Day 2

Remember that time I woke up at 5:30am on vacation (because I ALWAYS get up at 5:30) and thought "Gee! I'll go watch the sunrise, I bet it's beautiful!"

And so I waited. And waited. And waited.
This is 7am. Turns out the sun doesn't rise until like 7:45am in Puerto Vallarta. Who knew.

We hit the gym before breakfast knowing that our day wouldn't involve much of anything else "on plan" haha.

On our way out of breakfast, we saw this cute little lizard scurrying along. Took a picture for Troy and then a moment later a bird scooped down and carried him away. When we showed this to Troy and then explained what happened to the bird, his response was "did you get a video of the bird eating the lizard?" Oy.

Bringing back a Hawaii tradition, we went for a post-breakfast walk up and down the beach. It was perfect out!

Proof Mike gets in water. 

The view was just ok :) Haha.

I should have named this post the post of many selfies.

I saw many a couple/family struggling to take selfies of themselves with gorgeous backgrounds on this trip. So I just started offering to take them for them. Nobody turned me down but one guy did respond, "we must have really been struggling, huh?" No sir, but you were borderline in a fight with your lady over a selfie. Sorry, but I know firsthand a selfie just doesn't do the beach/sunset/etc. right. Mike caught me in action one time :)

I, on the other hand, have no problem asking other people to take my photo. LOL.

Find the teeny little crab!

Once we parked it on the beach, I decided to go for a little dip. This was (something along the lines of) the pic I wanted. Me. Waves. Beach.

But have I mentioned the waves were EPIC!? Mike kept snapping away when this one came for me. Oh good. People are watching me about to get tackled by a wave.

This is me looking up and realizing he photographed the whole experience.

I didn't do much the rest of the day. Nachos. Guac. Daiquiris. Sand.

We like to have fun. Mike's started making #MikeGIFs for me and sending them when he's traveling. Here is one firsthand I captured.

We had to recreate this honeymoon pic from nearly 8 yrs ago. 

Well we did relocate after a few hours to the adult only pool again. And ordered up some sushi poolside.

Eventually we thought best to take a break from the sun before dinner. This is what happened to Mike when he sat out on the balcony while I showered.

A live band got going and I was so excited! I thought maybe it would happen a few nights that week but turns out Monday was the only night. Waves+music = Mexico

Headed down to dinner at the Mexican restaurant for this evening. The food was a small step up from the night before. Small. When they brought our tacos they called them "taquitos" (little tacos) and that should have been a red flag. Good thing we ate all day.

Dessert was good! Basically a brownie baked into a tamale! And ice cream!

Hanging around watching the sunset again.

The waves were crazy. Have I mentioned that?

Couldn't find anyone to take our pic at the sunset though. Remember how I said I didn't have a problem asking? Literally there were no great candidates around. This is Mike's "can we be done" face :) Day 2. In the books :)

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