Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Puerto Vallarta Vacation - Day 4

This day was our last full day on the ocean. We started with a workout and espresso from the coffee bar. I had run over to the coffee bar one day to pick some up for us but Mike insisted we go together because "No way I can see a part of this hotel without him seeing it too". I wonder why Troy gets it from. LOL.

This was Mike and his 290 peso sunscreen.

We got suited up and headed out. I felt like playing in the waves a bit :)

It was a couple of hours and Mike decided to retreat to the room for a nap in the A/C. I relocated to the pool upstairs and relaxed, relaxed alone.

Munchies set in after awhile and I had a burger and fries. But the fries were just what I ended up eating. The burger stayed mostly untouched.

Around this time I started thinking wow it's hot out here! Checked the weather and it feels like 108. Hmmm. I probably should take a break from this sun I've been in for six hours. But I was enjoying it.so.so.much. Still did the responsible thing and headed in.

We are such goofballs. I love having fun with this guy.

We had been invited to a Hilton Honors reception they were holding that night to give us a chance to meet HHonors members from all over. This was the spread.

Afterwards we asked if we could break the "need a reservation" rule and go to the French restaurant just for soups. Because they were that good. This is Mike on night two of his shrimp soup after we were escorted over by one of the HHonors reps to "get in".

Then we continued on with our dinner plans, which involved the plain ol' buffet for dinner that night. I went straight for the giant bowl of guac to top my dinner with.

Ok its not the prettiest dinner we had all week but I picked it and it was GOOD. I was happy they had a fajita station (hello omelet station) to make fajitas to order. Yep. Bring it.

I guess we were feeling kind of bold that night asking for special permissions but I had the idea to ask the host if they had any ice cream laying around. They didn't have any at the buffet but I KNEW one of the restaurants had it. (Did I mention we were given color-coded wristbands at our resort denoting we were Diamond members? We very much appreciated the kindness extended to us that week.)

Anyways. They found ice cream. And then he added, "would you like some chocolate to accompany that?" Why yes, yes I would.

The curtain was coming for him the whole meal, start to finish.

After we were stuffed, we headed back upstairs to our favorite spot and watched the sunset for the last time. I saw a girl with a photographer snapping away at this lone sailboat sailing into the sunset and thought, hey my iPhone can grab that pic too!

Maybe one of my fav Mike pics ever. So relaxed. So my husband. Love him so.

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