Saturday, July 2, 2016

Trip to the Movies: Horton Hears a Who

Gotta love the annual "how is it taking my kids to the movies" for a $1/person vs trying it out with one of the regular movie times and dropping $20+ for us to go. The movie? Was pretty cute. Wasn't the best one I ever saw but it kept the kids interested and was less than 90 minutes. Score.

How'd they do? I wouldn't hesitate to take Troy to a movie at any point now. He did awesome. Sat nicely and watched the whole time. Cass? Well we did make it all the way through without any potty trips or anything. Hopefully another year or two and it'll get even easier for her to sit and watch the whole thing. But she did pretty well. Just lots of wiggles. And the popcorn (that cost twice as much as all three of our tickets combined)? Demolished. Not a bit left in the container by the end!

It was a fun experience overall! I like that these kinds of things are getting easier and look forward to our next movie trip next summer!

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