Friday, July 1, 2016

Trip with Friends - Scovill Zoo

We love this free-on-Thursdays small town zoo and make several trips a year SO off we went! And we arranged to meet up with some friends too. So what if it was 100 degrees with the heat index?! Water, water, water!

My kids love fountains. Really anything with water. ANY-THING.

Since it was so hot, many of the animals were just lethargic. We had a lot of "is that dead?!" questions from both Troy and Cass.

When you drop your goldfish at the zoo and a peacock immediately swarms your bench. Um. We'll move out of your way now...

These two look so tall next to this penguin!

And then there was the moment Troy and Madelynn came walking up to me each carrying a baby goat. They were doing pretty awesome until the zoo worker came by and told us to stop picking up baby goats. As Troy says, "we learned a new rule at the zoo that day."

We let the kids pick carousel or train ride for their one "extra". Of course it was a group divided. The only one that wanted the train was Cass so first we headed to the carousel to watch them ride...

And then we went to the train where just Cass and I took a spin around the zoo! My sweet summer girly :) Such a great trip!

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