Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Special Day

We had the privilege of hanging out with some wonderful neighbors for a few hours while their mom and dad were at the hospital welcoming the new baby. Cass and her friend Gracie spared no accessories when it came to dressing for the special occasion. Princess, princess, jewelry, jewelry, EVERYWHERE! They are two peas in a pod :)

To add to the fun, we had neighbor Josh over, too. #PartyTime

Getting to show big sis Gracie the first pic of her very own baby sister was a sweet moment. So very thankful for this great family we get to share our day-to-day and milestones with!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sang while a thunderstorm was taking place outside...

Bus Buddies

We have a trio of three boys that all ride the bus to kindergarten together from our street. Here are a few pics from their first week waiting around together. Hearing them greet each other each morning and say goodbye to each other each afternoon is just the sweetest thing!

I mean for real. Could they BE any cuter!?

Scootin' Around

The "littles" of the neighborhood (and not-so-littles) have all stepped their game up with bikes, scooters and things that go this summer. Our neighbor Kinley stopped by on her scooter and Cass hurried to get hers so she could scoot too. They are fast!

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

Troy's first day was here! He woke up no problem and was excited for his special breakfast request of eggs and bacon. Though he did ask me later if next time I could make less eggs and more bacon :) He DID eat most of it thankfully.

As soon as Mike left for work, he was ready to spring into action. "Wait" wasn't something he really wanted to do. So I happily started snapping some pics. He was a "tad" excited.

Sweet moment with his sis. Things weren't what will be our new "normal" routine today, so we ended up dropping Cass off before I took Troy to school (normal will be Troy on the bus and then me taking Cass to her sitter). When we pulled away from dropping Cass off, Troy said he was going to really miss her while he was at school and asked me to pray for him. Sweet brother.

The excitement of it all just built and built from the time we pulled up. It was "EXCITING" if I had to pick a word. 220 kindergartners, 1-2 parents per kid, all entering the school at the same moment for a 30 minute whirlwind. Yowza. That was interesting!

We waited outside until the doors opened and Troy found a grasshopper in that short time.

Our first "task" when we got in was to stop by his cubby. He is calling it his locker I noticed :)

Drawing a self portrait.

We found our neighbor Kaden!

Stopped by the gym to see where PE would be.

Browsing the library for a sneak peak.

Then the moment came. 30 short yet long minutes after the grasshopper outside before we were even in the bldg and it was time to say goodbye. They came over the intercom and Troy looked at me and said, "is it time for you to go?" I said yes and he popped up and gave me this giant, giant hug. When I asked if I could take a pic with him, he squeezed even harder. Then I went to leave and he grabbed my shirt and said, "Mom, what bus am I again?" I loved how hard he was thinking about it all. Such a guy, my Troy!

At the end of the day, his bus finally pulled up and off hopped my boy! All smiles and full of stories from his first day, my tired and hungry boy was happy to be home. But even happier he gets to go back tomorrow. Hooray! Praying a wonderful year ahead for him.

Class of 2029

It's going down for real... kindergarten is here!

Lost Dog #2

For as much time as Troy spends outside, its not a surprise he's This was responsible for "rescuing" not one but two lost dogs this summer. He handles it very well. He sees a dog he's concerned about that he thinks is lost. He comes in to get my promptly. Skeptically, I go outside and then confirm, yes, this does in fact look like a lost dog. We approach said dog cautiously. And twice now, we've had a happy ending in returning the dog to his owner. This time we had lots of help from our great next door neighbor, who is well prepared for these types of situations! Troy did a great job keeping an eye on the pup until his owner could be located and could come get him. Proud of you, Troy!

This was the sweet shout out he got from our neighbor in the Facebook world :) 

Morning at the Lake

Our friends Benjamin and Sarah asked if we wanted to meet up at one of our fav playgrounds on a beautiful cool morning. YES, absolutely!

These two happy swingers love the big kid swings. Now to teach them to pump their legs...

The highlight of the morning was definitely Troy mastering the monkey bars. The low point would be watching him fall off with his arm twisted back. I was so thankful to see him get up moving it around!

This was the first day he was able to do them!

We took a hike to the top of the bell tower next. Cass walked the whole thing up and down herself this time!

So, so beautiful. Can't wait to see those fall colors take over next time we're up there!

It was a really great morning! Love "our" woods :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016


My grandma has nicknamed our little town "Mayberry", as she reminds me that sweet little towns like ours aren't what you find everywhere these days :) It's really caught on in my head when I have a moment that I realize is straight out of days past. Like my 5yr old and 2 yr old bike riding and scooter-ing up and down the street one evening. No matter what we call it, I'm thankful to call this place HOME!

Happy Birthday Liam - Reptile-palooza

When we received an invite to this party, I knew it was going to be a big-time hit with my son (and my husband, haha). A mobile exotic reptile business came right to their house and set.right.up. in their living room. It was a large group of kids and the woman in charge did a good job of organizing the kids so as not to overwhelm the creatures.

This is when she was explaining they need to raise their hands to ask questions. Troy was on it. His question? Are they poisonous or venemous?

Check out the tubs of creatures behind her. Including the tub full of snakes in zippered pillow cases. With no lid. You're a brave woman, Su :)

They started "small". If I can call them that.

And they got bigger.... oh and she let the kids hold them too.

In scrolling through all the photos, looking at the faces of the parents as the creatures were brought out is the best part. Couldn't help but snap a pic of my dear friend as a woman pulled a nine foot snake out of a container. Again, you're a BRAVE woman, Su! You know how to throw a party!!!

Cass was back on the ground at this point. She had come up to me a few snakes in and said, "I don't like more animals now, Mom." And sat with us for a few before running off to the playroom for a bit.

I encouraged Mike the snake lover to volunteer to hold the snake himself. Of course Troy loved this.

Other reptile creatures included geckos and some big lizard with claws that was the only thing they could NOT hold.

And the grand finale was a giant tortoise roaming their back yard!

Happy happy sixth birthday, Liam! What a party!!!!

Last Day of Summer Break

School begins Monday.
This means Friday is our last official day of summer break.
This calls for a special day :)

Went to the Y bright and early so I could teach a class and then off to the donut shop for a special treat. The kids did an awesome job of NOT making a mess with their donuts in the car. Nice work, kids :)

Then we went back to the house and oms of our neighbors came over and played for awhile. The boys were out of the living room and Troy had left behind a collection of legos in the living room. The girls grabbed the legos and went and hid behind the couch sneakily to build with their "stash" LOL.

During naptime, Troy came and got me and said he "needed me" outside. What he needed me for was to put my hand out so he could practice riding by and high-fiving me (thus riding one-handed). The things this boy wants to practice, I tell ya. I happily obliged though :)

Then the biggest treat of all was Mike coming home from work early to take us all to the pool. Woot! Pool trip with Dad, YES!

Highlights (for me) included trying the rock climbing wall (um wow that was hard in the water) and shooting out the drop slide. Troy missed the height requirement for it by less than an inch this summer, surely by next year he can do those big ones!

Cass is showing off a ring she found in this pic :)

Troy is pretending to be a frog with his frog towel :)

I suggested we go out for ice cream for dinner afterwards. Our (former, apparently) fav build-your-own ice cream place was RIGHT by the pool. So imagine our disappointment when we pulled up and it was closed. Off to find another in town that would fit the bill! Success!

Equal parts sugared up and worn out from swimming, we wrapped up and headed home to play outside while the sun went down. Summer, I am going to REALLY miss you!!!