Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cousin Visit - Day 2, Shopping, Friends, Frogs

We started the day off with a trip to the Outlet Mall to stock up on much needed school clothes, lunchboxes, etc. No pics because of all of the Cassidy-wrangling going on. Emily was a HUGE help with Cass while I wrestled Troy into many different pairs of jeans in a fitting room, and they walked the stores looking for sparkly things to keep busy.

Fast forward to home. Chill time. And a visit up the road to see our friends Fred, Sarah and Benjamin. Cass and Em loved chilling on their playset. Until Cass ended up with a mega-splinter. Thankfully we were able to get it out as soon as we arrived home with the bribery of a popsicle.

Troy and B had fun in the kiddie pool. The parents had fun watching them try to slide down this inflatable floating slide.

After a very tired Cass was put to bed, we headed outside with Troy and Emily for a beautiful summer night. They played tigers (or lions? not sure)

Until it was dark enough to go frog hunting. Flashlights on, everybody!

This was the pic we sent my aunt and uncle to assure them their daughter was in good hands while visiting us on this Friday night :)

Before long, one was spotted! He always shows up at the same spot!

After some careful watching, Troy picked him up and played with him a little. He LOVES frogs!

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