Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cousin Visit - Day 3, Rock Climbing

The highlight of our Saturday with Emily was ROCK CLIMBING! I asked her earlier in the week if she'd like to try it and her response was "I've always wanted to!" Loved her enthusiasm and I knew she was excited. Troy was pumped to have someone to climb with!

All harnessed up and ready to get off the ground!

It's a thirty foot wall and the Y has a spot on the second floor where you can see the top half closer. So once they were going I headed up there. This was their first climb and around the time that Em decided she was ready for a break halfway and wanted to go down.

Here's their break while waiting for their next turn.

Thought this was appropriate for new challenges!

The incredible climbing coordinator giving Em a pep talk before climb #2. And it was also the time he suggested she hand her glasses over to me....

For a blindfold climb! To help her get up high and over the fear of looking down. About halfway up, she asked to take it off and couldn't believe how high she was. After a brief rest right there, I could see her stop looking down and instead start looking up. Then she went for it all the way!!

Listen for my sweet little encourager telling his big cousin she was doing a great job in this video :) 

She made it to the top.... twice! Way to go Em and Troy!

I told Cass I'd pick her up from the childcare area before they were all done so she came down for the last five minutes. My little monkey playing on the rings while she waited!

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