Sunday, August 14, 2016

Daddy and Kids Weekend

While I was away in Nashville, Daddy AKA the BDE (best daddy ever) had a fun weekend planned at home for the kids. I LOVED all the pics and videos I got all weekend (thanks Daddy!) and couldn't wait to get home to these three!

I got this video shortly after Daddy made it home on his morning flight from Chicago. I was so glad to see the three of them together!

Daddy took a turn at swimming lessons their first night... lots of cute Dad/Cass selfies showed up in my phone that night :) 

Then there were the new flashlight purchases so they could hunt for frogs/toads after dark. 

And success!!!

 We've been seeing ads for those awesome water balloon things you hook up to the hose and it makes like dozens at a time and even ties them off. They tried them out this weekend and worked like a charm!

A "big deal" on the calendar was the Mahomet "take me fishing" event at the woods. A volunteer-run event where they bring the poles and everything you need for fishing, and kids can try it out. Mike and the kids headed over as Troy has been asking to do it all summer long!

He was so excited to catch one! #ProudFace

And they capped off their weekend with a fun trip to Memorial Stadium for a movie on the football field!

Photo cred to Sarah for this cute pic while her family was spending the evening with my three loves! I'm so glad they had a fun weekend together!

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