Friday, August 5, 2016

Daddy's Birthday Weekend

The only way Mike will let me celebrate/acknowledge his birthday is through food. So for the weekend, I was full of fun treats and ready to cater to birthday whims. #WifeLife #LoveMyGuy #HisLoveLanguageMayBeFood

First up was the not-so-random guacamole craving. Seriously, after about 72 hours away from Mexico it hit and it hit hard. We REALLY needed some homemade guac ASAP so off to the store I went. The kids went to town. You can see I made a Puerto Vallarta-sized batch so we were all good.

Homemade caprese salad. I don't churn my own mozzarella but otherwise, this was a homegrown dish.

And a caprese chicken spaghetti squash dish. A fun little creation!

Threw it WAY back and cooked up some biscuits and gravy one day. Wow. Had been ages since we had those. And not to toot my own horn too much or anything, but I make a pretty mean batch of biscuits and gravy for a Chicago girl. I've lost a little of my magic touch but they were still delish!

And of course the culmination of it all, bacon wrapped shrimp. Double batch this time. Always the double batch now.

Oh, Troy. He sure loves his shrimp!

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