Monday, August 15, 2016

Eggs. WHAT?!

Rewind two years. Troy the 3 yr old LOVES eggs and now his parents shift the way they're eating and they begin eating eggs even more often. Troy decides he hates eggs and refuses to eat them.

Forward to present day. Parents have invited Troy to try eggs over and over again. He has taken a bite here and there and not spit it out or anything... he knows how to MAKE eggs.  And Mike (in a genius parenting moment) decides to make a bargain with Troy involving Legos and eggs. Game.on.

2 eggs scrambled with a side of bacon, coming right up. MY deal with Troy is I'll make him bacon every day before school if he's eating eggs with it. Game.on. The kid LOVES bacon.

It took him a few minutes but BAM! Eggs... gone! (Bacon, too, obviously. Haha.) Way to go Troy!

The guys headed upstairs to pick out a baggie full of Legos from our "store" in our room. And Troy says he'll be eating eggs before school, so hooray!

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