Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

Troy's first day was here! He woke up no problem and was excited for his special breakfast request of eggs and bacon. Though he did ask me later if next time I could make less eggs and more bacon :) He DID eat most of it thankfully.

As soon as Mike left for work, he was ready to spring into action. "Wait" wasn't something he really wanted to do. So I happily started snapping some pics. He was a "tad" excited.

Sweet moment with his sis. Things weren't what will be our new "normal" routine today, so we ended up dropping Cass off before I took Troy to school (normal will be Troy on the bus and then me taking Cass to her sitter). When we pulled away from dropping Cass off, Troy said he was going to really miss her while he was at school and asked me to pray for him. Sweet brother.

The excitement of it all just built and built from the time we pulled up. It was "EXCITING" if I had to pick a word. 220 kindergartners, 1-2 parents per kid, all entering the school at the same moment for a 30 minute whirlwind. Yowza. That was interesting!

We waited outside until the doors opened and Troy found a grasshopper in that short time.

Our first "task" when we got in was to stop by his cubby. He is calling it his locker I noticed :)

Drawing a self portrait.

We found our neighbor Kaden!

Stopped by the gym to see where PE would be.

Browsing the library for a sneak peak.

Then the moment came. 30 short yet long minutes after the grasshopper outside before we were even in the bldg and it was time to say goodbye. They came over the intercom and Troy looked at me and said, "is it time for you to go?" I said yes and he popped up and gave me this giant, giant hug. When I asked if I could take a pic with him, he squeezed even harder. Then I went to leave and he grabbed my shirt and said, "Mom, what bus am I again?" I loved how hard he was thinking about it all. Such a guy, my Troy!

At the end of the day, his bus finally pulled up and off hopped my boy! All smiles and full of stories from his first day, my tired and hungry boy was happy to be home. But even happier he gets to go back tomorrow. Hooray! Praying a wonderful year ahead for him.

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