Saturday, August 13, 2016

Girls Trip! Nashville Coach Summit

We'd been planning this trip since July of LAST year so when it arrived at long last?! Amazing! The previous 24 hours before my first trip leaving Mike and the kids alone were crazy. A visit to convenient care for Cass and her infected bug bites. Mike stuck in Chicago with no flight options, no car options (Lollapalooza!) and def no hotels. Thank God for my parents so he had a solution for the overnight! But I needed to be on the road EARLY the next morning so we scrambled to find a sitter. Thankfully the second one we checked with was able to help at the bright early hour of 5:30am. Schwoo!

So with all of that, we were off! Nashville here we come!

Like the good coaches we are, we packed a ton of shakes and healthy snacks for this trip. But we wanted to stretch them as far as we could for the weekend. So a few hours down the road we pulled off in some small town in Southern Illinois to hit up their grocery store for a little (cheap) fresh produce and something to fuel us up. Enter the grocery store and there is NO PRODUCE section. I mean... what is a store without produce!? Gah! Retreat back to the car to shake up shakes in the back of the SUV. Ha!

When we got there, check-in was a breeze and I made it straight to my 2pm workout with Autumn Calabrese. I was SO excited to be there. As Mike pointed out when I sent him (now home with the kids) this pic!

Here's Autumn setting us up for success in this workout ;)

And then the mad dash at the end to take a selfie at the workout with Autumn in the background. Um yea that didn't work. So I stopped trying and turned around to actually wave goodbye to her. Wowzers.

The thing that stuck out to me most about my workout with her was how real she was. I'm sure she has "people' and all but she ran her own music for this workout she led with her phone, herself. I admired her as a group fitness instructor for doing that and just handling it like a boss, even though I'm sure "tech" could have done that for her. She was also no-nonsense with all the selfie-taking. Once we actually got to working out, she kept yelling, "You WORK now, you selfie later!"

Since Nat was doing a different celebrity workout later, I went into this one alone not knowing anyone. The highlight of the day was meeting my awesome new friend Holly and getting to know her! We clicked right away!

Another highlight was bumping into my friend Chantalle outside of the workout!

We took a LOT of pics on the second day (Friday). Haha. Let them commence here...

In addition to being chock full of great sessions (including a winning time with Mike's fav, Gary Vaynerchuk!) Friday was our "free" night with no Summit happenings, so we headed out to downtown Nashville, starting with some Jack's BBQ.

And then roaming up and down Broadway and enjoying the town!

This is around the time that Nat, the not-so-much-country-music fan said, "I don't mind it so much when it's live!" #Nashville

Day 3 was Saturday and started crazy early (4:45 wakeup I think?) to head out to the Superworkout. Oh my goodness. If you've never worked out with 27,000 people at the butt crack of dawn, I highly recommend it!

Chalene Johnson kicked it of for us - I love that woman so much! 

Photo cred to Nat for this picture of me mid-superworkout. We did so.many.freaking.lunges and squats. I'm pretty sure they didn't coordinate workouts and all went legs, legs, legs on us!

After a run back to the hotel for a shower and breakfast, we were back to the final day of Summit. Which also happens to be the day I added Country Heat to my workout line-up. Love it!

And we finished the night off at Nissan Stadium celebrating all that we are privileged to do as coaches. It was an incredible experience and plans are booked for New Orleans in 2017... can't wait to do it again! (Thanks Mike!)

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