Sunday, August 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Liam - Reptile-palooza

When we received an invite to this party, I knew it was going to be a big-time hit with my son (and my husband, haha). A mobile exotic reptile business came right to their house and set.right.up. in their living room. It was a large group of kids and the woman in charge did a good job of organizing the kids so as not to overwhelm the creatures.

This is when she was explaining they need to raise their hands to ask questions. Troy was on it. His question? Are they poisonous or venemous?

Check out the tubs of creatures behind her. Including the tub full of snakes in zippered pillow cases. With no lid. You're a brave woman, Su :)

They started "small". If I can call them that.

And they got bigger.... oh and she let the kids hold them too.

In scrolling through all the photos, looking at the faces of the parents as the creatures were brought out is the best part. Couldn't help but snap a pic of my dear friend as a woman pulled a nine foot snake out of a container. Again, you're a BRAVE woman, Su! You know how to throw a party!!!

Cass was back on the ground at this point. She had come up to me a few snakes in and said, "I don't like more animals now, Mom." And sat with us for a few before running off to the playroom for a bit.

I encouraged Mike the snake lover to volunteer to hold the snake himself. Of course Troy loved this.

Other reptile creatures included geckos and some big lizard with claws that was the only thing they could NOT hold.

And the grand finale was a giant tortoise roaming their back yard!

Happy happy sixth birthday, Liam! What a party!!!!

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