Friday, August 5, 2016

Hottest Farmers Market Visit Ever

Remember my top things I'll miss about Urbana list from last year? The Farmer's Market was at the top of the list - and just as expected, we rarely make it over there now. Mostly when we're really in need of a meat stock-up from Farmer Stan, which we badly were this particular week. Our friends and neighbors joined us for their first Market visit and we were off to melt in the heat!

Cass liked the little puppets we walked past who were putting on a show. Thanks U of I kids labs!

And Troy was a fan of the science experiments going on in the same row.

The highlight of the visit was stopping to see Farmer Stan. I don't think Farmer Stan believed me when I told him that Troy took a bite of dinner that week and said, "Is this Farmer Stan's? I don't want it if it's not Farmer Stan's!" He happily obliged to take a pic. And took one of his own, too :)

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