Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kindergarten Visit

Back in April, I paid my first visit to Troy's new school for a parent night. He's been asking and asking for his chance to go and recently, he finally got it! Our school planned a fun little scavenger hunt night where the kids looked for the bathrooms, the playground, the lunchroom, etc. And then they got to play outside on the playgrounds. We don't know his teacher or his classroom yet, but this was a GREAT way to introduce him to what school will be like... coming soon!

I was overwhelmed walking into the school building alone back in April, just realizing that our dream of making it to Mahomet before our kids went to school actually was a reality now. And so you can imagine how I felt watching him follow the Bulldog footprints into the building for the first time! Ahh!

Checking out the lunchroom, with cookies of course :)

Roaming the halls. Of course, Cass is asking when she can go to school now, too. 

And playing around on the playground afterwards. #FindTheMike if you can!

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