Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last Day of Summer Break

School begins Monday.
This means Friday is our last official day of summer break.
This calls for a special day :)

Went to the Y bright and early so I could teach a class and then off to the donut shop for a special treat. The kids did an awesome job of NOT making a mess with their donuts in the car. Nice work, kids :)

Then we went back to the house and oms of our neighbors came over and played for awhile. The boys were out of the living room and Troy had left behind a collection of legos in the living room. The girls grabbed the legos and went and hid behind the couch sneakily to build with their "stash" LOL.

During naptime, Troy came and got me and said he "needed me" outside. What he needed me for was to put my hand out so he could practice riding by and high-fiving me (thus riding one-handed). The things this boy wants to practice, I tell ya. I happily obliged though :)

Then the biggest treat of all was Mike coming home from work early to take us all to the pool. Woot! Pool trip with Dad, YES!

Highlights (for me) included trying the rock climbing wall (um wow that was hard in the water) and shooting out the drop slide. Troy missed the height requirement for it by less than an inch this summer, surely by next year he can do those big ones!

Cass is showing off a ring she found in this pic :)

Troy is pretending to be a frog with his frog towel :)

I suggested we go out for ice cream for dinner afterwards. Our (former, apparently) fav build-your-own ice cream place was RIGHT by the pool. So imagine our disappointment when we pulled up and it was closed. Off to find another in town that would fit the bill! Success!

Equal parts sugared up and worn out from swimming, we wrapped up and headed home to play outside while the sun went down. Summer, I am going to REALLY miss you!!!

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