Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last Day - Summer Sitter

Our summer sitter was truly amazing. She and the kids spent 2 days a week together (3 days/week in the earlier part) going for walks to the woods, practicing t-ball, riding bikes and scooters and more. She got to know the neighbor kids well, didn't mind bugs and frogs :)  She quickly picked up on our groove around here and the kids loved her. EXCEPT for the day Cass was angry with her for making her take a nap. She insisted Kaleigh was MEAN and it wasn't until further exploration we realized the reason why :)

We hope to have her back again in the future. In the meantime, thankful for the summer we just had! Have a great semester at college, Kaleigh!

Side note - Troy asked to take this picture on our last day "to always remember her". Aww :)

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