Monday, August 15, 2016

Lego Event - Einstein Bagels

We found another Lego competition for Troy, this one with a different spin. He had to build his Lego entry prior to the event and submit a picture online. I personally enjoyed this quite a bit as there was no precarious transporting of a Lego creation to the actual contest to be judged.

He built "A House Where a Grandpa Lives"

There's the Grandpa.

And his garage with a motorcycle.

Coffee on a motorcycle, seems perfectly safe to me.

This is the Grandpa's firepit area.

While he didn't win, we still had the actual event to look forward to. First up, the Lego "walk of fire" which Mike and I proudly braved.

And the "creative build" area, which my kid could have stayed at all day long. 

Cass got into the Lego fun and built a tower.

Troy built a garden. Complete with binoculars to look out for animals coming to munch on the garden.

There's the garden inside...

Afterwards we headed inside for some water and bagels and Mike ended up exchanging business cards with another dad of a Lego master builder that lives near us. #LegoFansUnite

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