Monday, August 22, 2016

Lost Dog #2

For as much time as Troy spends outside, its not a surprise he's This was responsible for "rescuing" not one but two lost dogs this summer. He handles it very well. He sees a dog he's concerned about that he thinks is lost. He comes in to get my promptly. Skeptically, I go outside and then confirm, yes, this does in fact look like a lost dog. We approach said dog cautiously. And twice now, we've had a happy ending in returning the dog to his owner. This time we had lots of help from our great next door neighbor, who is well prepared for these types of situations! Troy did a great job keeping an eye on the pup until his owner could be located and could come get him. Proud of you, Troy!

This was the sweet shout out he got from our neighbor in the Facebook world :) 

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