Monday, August 15, 2016

Promotion Weekend

Troy was promoted to the K-1 classroom at church this weekend. A few months back, he went in this classroom so he could come up to the baptism service with the older kids. He came back from that day VERY adamant he didn't want to go to that room because they didn't have toys.

But in the last month or so he started asking when he'd move out of the baby room (his current room was kids 2-5 yrs old) and he happily went in this weekend when it was promotion weekend. I guess the only thing he mentioned to his teacher was wondering "when playtime would be". He's going to have to get used to more sitting and structured time versus free play time in a lot of the things he does from this point forward... but I know he's up for it!

Funny story - Cassidy's teacher told us that after they were both dropped off and we walked away, she found them both at their doors (right across the hall from each other) saying, "I love you Troy!" "I love you Cass!" and it was terribly sweet. #MyKids :) :) :)

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