Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Swimming Lessons

Troy took swimming lessons this summer! He's doing well swimming but I thought he could use some practice on refining the skills to "clean it up" a little. I just don't want the guy to get fatigued or out of breath while he's swimming, especially as he tries more and more adventurous things. So two weeks, Monday-Thursday at one of our lovely outdoor aquatic centers in the evenings. It was great!

There were a number of nights he was there a little early and splashed around before lesson time. He of course loved this. 

After a couple of nights, he picked up on the fact that the lifeguards were folding the chairs down during his lesson. So he started helping them out and getting them started. Such a responsible and thoughtful guy. 

He was in a group of all kindergartners and they just looked like the cutest littles sitting on the side all waiting their turn. So, so adorable. 

There was the night I went to the pool myself for swimming lessons and this was my view for 45 minutes. 

The night Cass and I walked the footprints around the waterpark. 

And the night I was in Nashville and Mike did the swimming lesson thing with the kids (below) :)  

The last night arrived and Troy had an extra supporter with cousin Emily in town. They spent the night poolside while he finished up!

Cass kept herself quite busy...

The big surprise at the end of the night was shooting down the waterslides for the last half of class. Up the stairs, down the slide, didn't stop to say hi or anything, those were Mike's exact words. He passed his swim level and (still) loves swimming as much as ever! And is asking what a swim team is, too...

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