Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Neighborhood Ever

We love our neighborhood so very much. To think how many years we prayed and planned and saved to make this move possible and now we're closing in on a year here. I love how the kids and adults alike just spill out in front in the evenings and everyone plays and chats together. It truly is the best neighborhood ever, and the very most perfect neighborhood for us. #Thankful

This cracked me up. The powered car died and the boys had to maneuver it back to it's home. Funnily, it still played Let It Go over and over and over while they "towed" it.

Cass ducked into a friend's backyard to bounce on the trampoline with her friend. There's usually a much larger group of kids hanging around the trampoline so I'm pretty sure these little girls were quite pleased with having it all to themselves. And they stayed on it until it was bedtime at that house, and sweet Cass came walking back towards home with shoes in hand. So adorable.

I can honestly say I have no clue what my son is talking about in this video ("worrying about Cass when I'm like you Dad?" what?!) but Cass scooters up and down and up and down and the lovable black lab Hank next door just chills and watches on. 

We closed out the night with a very short little bike ride just me and Troy now that we have one functional adult bike :) Until tomorrow, Troy...

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