Friday, August 5, 2016

The Great Lego Find

I love the virtual garage sale sites. We happened upon this steal and just started chatting with the woman who didn't have pics and wasn't even sure of what all she had in her attic. We made a deal once we had an idea of the, er, volume we were talking and wow. Yea. We made out well.

Originally we weren't going to let Troy see them all and were going to be set on gifts for like, you know half a decade. But we decided to let him see them all (and help clean them all up, as they were a bit dusty and such) and now he gets to "shop" our home "Lego store". Its a good arrangement.

I mean. They just.kept.going.

The best part was watching my guys sort them out and organize them. Troy was happy to have his hands on them, even if they weren't "his" yet!

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