Friday, August 5, 2016

Vacation Books Recap

Thanks to some awesome friends on Facebook, I had an abundance of book recommendations for our recent vacation. And after not starting AND finishing a single book in quite a few years, I was skeptical how this would go. Alas, I made it through not one but THREE and one of them was nearly 400 pages. It was amazing! I loved sitting in the adult pool on this trip, propped up on the bench (in the pool) in "my corner" reading away while over looking the ocean. Seriously. That's what I did. 

I've followed Jen Hatmaker for years but this was the first time reading her books. I read "For the Love" and "Interrupted". My main takeaways from her reads were 1) looking at loving people differently than I have before 2) looking at how I train my little people up to love people differently and 3) this incredible and amazing concept of how they do community. See below from my fav page in the book:

Then, a number of people had recommended Francine Rivers to me, too, so thanks to my friend Andrea, I was able to borrow one of her top books for the trips. I wasn't sure how I'd like "Redeeming Love", but it turned out really great and compelling. I couldn't put that one down. And bonus! I got to meet a book buddy at the pool when I saw someone else's copy of Redeeming Love on their chair :) 

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