Saturday, September 17, 2016

College Football Saturday w/ Grampa and Uncle Andy

College football season rolls on... and we dusted off the ol' chip helmet for lunch while the Troy game was going on!

Grampa and Uncle Andy came down and we all headed to Memorial Stadium for tailgating and the game!

Throwback post below. Like the Kindergarten shirt except we're already four years in to these shots!

I love what they've done with the new-ish Grange Grove!

They scored new sunglasses which they proudly wore all day.

Just supervising our kids in a sea of people :) Good practice for Disney.

Troy was so excited to go IN! Can you tell!?

It was windy up there :) She didn't seem to mind.

Photo cred to Mike below :) 

No game (with kids) would be complete without snacks...

...and more snacks!

It was such a beautiful night!

It was marching band night with literally hundreds of band kids on the field. 

I mean. Are they father and son or what?!

It was such a fun time! Until we got back to our car. Er the spot we parked our car. And it was not there. That $20 parking lot isn't looking so bad compared to the towing charge we incurred for parking within five FEET of a driveway. Be warned! #ThisIsNotJustAHighlightReel

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