Sunday, September 4, 2016


I remember when this took place last year. We were new Mahomet residents and Mike was like "we don't need to go to those things until we have kids in school ourselves!"

Well that came quickly. LOL.

We went to our first "Dawgapalooza" event and took in the Friday night excitement of our sweet little marching band-loving, football-feels small town.

We learned Dawgapalooza = 10,000ish children under the age of 12 (not sure how that's possible in a town of 8,000 but whatev haha) plus a billion inflatables plus noise plus chaos equals fun.

The orange and blue scene when we arrived.

Troy wanted to do some of the bigger inflatable things, like the giant boxing hands in the ring with another kid.

And the tug-of-war-esque one, too.

Cass was a fan, AU.

Big, bigger and biggest...

We were all inflatable-d out when we saw the marching band arrive to perform. So we watched that for a few minutes before heading out. Dawgapalooza success! #WeLoveThisTown

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