Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dinner @ Texas Roadhouse and Phil Vassar Concert

When I found out Phil Vassar was coming to our teeny little town for the Sangamon River Music Fest, I invited my mom down right away in hopes she'd be able to make it... and she did!

We had time to hang out before the concert and so all of us packed into the car to go out for dinner. Texas Roadhouse may be my new fav place to take the kids. Cass was obsessed with the peanuts. Mike, Gramma, me and the kids all left full o' meat!

Photo cred to Gramma for snapping the photo below :) 

The concert wasn't until 9:30 and it was pouring rain shortly before that, so we weren't even sure if we were going to make it. Perfect time to read a soothing bedtime tale of "dangerous animals" to the kids before tucking 'em in.

And then... rain stopped! Off we went! The concert was a blast! And anytime I get to just hang with my mom sans kiddos is a special treat!

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