Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!

After our late night retrieving our car from the tow yard, Cass was definitely in need of a Sunday afternoon nap and missed the annual Benjamin Birthday party :( But Troy and I were excited to celebrate Benjamin with a fun dino-themed time in the yard!

Sarah thoroughly impressed me with her ability to line up all these young kids on the playset so quickly. #FindTheTroy (photo cred to Sarah in this post)

They were so excited to pick their cupcakes because there was a dino on top of each one that they'd get to keep. Now Troy wants minifigs on top of cupcakes for his December birthday he continues to plan :)

They had such a great time just playing in the yard. A whole bunch of young kids tearing around a huge yard with an awesome playset makes for a lot of fun! Thanks Benjamin and fam for a really fun party and happy birthday!

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