Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mission Accomplished - Neighbors + Water = Nap

Our Sunday morning started out quiet enough, playing with neighbors as it warmed up outside. These hot days keep catching me by surprise as I just kind of assume they're gone and done for the year and BAM they show up again.

Started with some sandbox play. Don't know if these two will be able to both fit in there after another year of growing!

Then it turned into car washing...

Which turned into me saying, "Heck, why not get out the clearance slip and slide I just picked up and try it out on the hill out back?!"

In their clothes, of course...

This happened to be our one year anniversary in our new home. Nothing better to celebrate than letting my daughter run around in the water shirtless in pink bike shorts. All you neighbors know you're glad we're here, LOL.

Mission accomplished! Bath for Cass, shower for Troy, QUIET afternoon for mom and dad!

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