Sunday, September 4, 2016

Promoted - Twin Size Bed

At nearly three, it was time to consider moving Cassidy into a big girl bed (twin size). Knowing it was going down that day, I snapped a pic of her in the middle of a deep slumber in her last nap in her toddler bed. This gorgeous crib/toddler bed has served us so well with both our kids -  so thankful to my aunt and uncle for letting us borrow it from them!

Here Cass is admiring it as its strapped to the roof of the car. She was so excited!

All set up! And way, way excited now...

Here she is hugging princess Anna. "Thank you for my princess bed, Mommy!"

And passed out for the night! Looking awfully cozy :)

And here is a throwback to Cass sleeping in her crib. Not at 1 week old. Or 1 month old. But five-ish months old. Cass and the crib weren't exactly love at first sight back in the day. Glad they eventually grew to (sort of) get acquainted. LOL. 

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