Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sangamon River Music Fest Parade and Carnival

Our church walks in this local parade each year at the very end picking up the trash. After the 4th of July clean-up experience, I knew I definitely wanted to do this with Troy, but with the walking involved, knew it wouldn't be a great fit for Cass (yet). There was the option to ride in the back of the truck too but I think we'll wait one more year before we trust her to do that, too ;)

He was ready to go! Adult size small shirt and all. All smiles with his trash-grabbing tool!

After a very fast-paced walk in the parade (schwoo!) we walked over to the carnival to, you know, drop some $$$ and risk our lives. Carnivals are officially NOT on my summer must-do (in fact they're on the must-avoid) list now. Eek.

Below. Fun dragon coaster for my kid. Cute story. As the ride carrying my child zoomed over one spot and down the track, the man manning the ride came by with a big ol' hammer and banged on a certain area of the track. Every.time. It zoomed by. #HoldingMyBreath

I'm not sure why I didn't run for the hills after the dragon coaster experience but apparently I felt like putting our lives in even more danger. I took my child on this ridiculous ride behind me that FLUNG US INTO THE AIR WHILE SPINNING AROUND without seat belts. So not fun. Troy was laughing while saying "WHY DID I WANT TO DO THIS!?" and I was praying and clinging on to him for dear life. Nope. Not doing that one again.

Much tamer. Much less concerning. 

I get dizzy just looking at this pic we took right before the teacup-ish ride took off and starting spinning us around. At least this was on the ground the whole time. Use up those tickets, Amy....

1 ticket left. This is his "mom wouldn't let me go on the crazy whack death trap ride so here I am on these silly little wheel" face.

Carnivals. Wow,

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